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3-DOF VR Controller

Item ID: DSR-0620

Special Features

1. Works with any mobile phone and VR headsets;
2. Drift-free and highly precise performance;
3. Low Power Consumption via BLE
4.  Optimized for mobile VR;
5.  Readily available SDK for Android and IOS

Tech Features

1. Bluetooth core specification V4.0
2. Support 3-axis accelerate+3 axis Gyro+ 3 axis Compass
3. Support Capacitive Touch

General Features

Protocol: Bluetooth 4.0

Operation Keys: 17

Keypad Type: ABS plastic

Indication: LED indication

Firmware update: OTA update in APP

Power Supply: 2*AAA

Operating Voltage: 2.0-3.6V

Operating Temperature: -40~+85℃

Working frequency: 2042MHz - 2483MHz

Transmission distance: >26ft(8m)

Working current: 15-25mA

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