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BLE Silicon Voice + Air Mouse Remote

Item ID:CES-0005

Special Features

Voice Control: Use built-in digital MEMS mic to instantly find TV shows, movies, and games, just say what’s on your mind.

Bluetooth Control: Accepting the BT Connection from many kinds of Home Servers, since the remote relies on Bluetooth. And it is low interference, automatic and upgradeable. So it is a growing number of usage at present.

Air mouse: 6 Axis gyration motion technology allows remote to be controlled accurately for motion sensing game,it’s more convenient to operate in horizontal and vertical mode for games and typing.

General Features


Keys: 17

Keypad Type: Silicon rubber case

Power Supply: 2*AA

Operating Voltage: 2.2~3.6V

Working frequency: 2.40GHz~2.48GHz

Transmission distance: 20~30ft(touch / voice/airmouse) 30~50ft(Key)

Standby current: ≤50uA




Android TV, LED/LCD TV .HD-Set Top BoxComputer control

remote control (9).png
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