High-performance, easy to power far-field voice embedded products
Excellent professional ability to provide high quality services.
Provide a total solution from acoustic design to voice recognition service docking.
Power manufacturers to produce and test voice products.

Far-field pickup module

From smart accessories to smart TVs, our devices are getting

smarter. Voice-control is transforming the way in which we access

and enjoy content. Dusun far-field pickup module captures clear

voice commands from a distance through a microphone array and

complex noise reduction algorithms, and makes voice control of

the product easy through USB or Wi-Fi.


On/Off-line far-field voice

recognition module

From the voice capture of the microphone array to the voice

platform service docking, based on the total solution of Dusun on/off-line far-field voice recognition module, can ensure the rapid completion of customized product development.


Off-line far-field voice

recognition module

Voice control is the trend of intelligent control of small home appliances. Both wake-up words and command words can be customized. Dusun offline far-field voice recognition module provides a better product embedded design. The rich control interface enable the intelligent design of almost all devices.


Customer feedback

​Mr Liu

CTO of a well-known kitchen company

It only took 6 months from the use of Dusun on/off-line far-field voice recognition module to perform the project rehearsal to complete the customized products. Mature solutions and professional technical support let the project go very smoothly.

​Mr Wang

Product manager of a curtain motor company

The traditional curtain motor is usually controlled by a simple remote control, and it's not very smart in use. However, after the

Dusun offline voice recognition module is embedded, the product has become an intelligent product. Great competitiveness.