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Will RF4CE Beat The IR Remote Control?

Are you still using conventional infrared tv remote control in this digital age?

Something must bothered you when you using IR remote control at home, why I should always need to use remote control by pointing directly to TV or corresponding devices? And sometimes, it works hard for me.

IR Remote Control - Dusun

Well, no more problem at all if use radio-frequency remote control instead, which is known as RF remote control.

RF4CE Remote Control is a most common used RF remote, I'm sure it will coming soon around your life.

Well, let's see what is RF4CE together.

What is RF4CE?

RF4CE, which is the "Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics", a latest wireless control technologies as a sub-protocol of ZigBee.

So RF4CE remote control is also the ZigBee remote control, which works on 3 predefined wireless channels-15,20 and 25-from the ZigBee spectrum extending from channel 11 to channel 26.

As the RF4CE specifications respect to the protocol Zigbee, the frequency is 2.4 GHz.

In another word, the RF4CE works in a similar way with Wi-Fi, though they are in different channels and frequency.

The Benefit of RF4CE Remote Control?

RF4CE remote controls has been applied widely in smart digital devices like smart TV, android tv, or other intelligent devices these years.

With ZigBee RF4CE remote control, basically we could control the home applications in a more free conditions. No pointing direction limitation, nor barriers stop the accessing any more. And RF remote control could work farther away than IR remote control.

Moreover, newest functions or features like voice control, touch control and motion control, could be realized in RF4CE remote control.

Furthermore, another great advantage of RF4CE remote if compared with IR remote must be the low power consumption, means it could achieve longer battery life.

How Does RF4CE Remote Work?

The ZigBee RF4CE remote is plays an important role in the consumer electronic products, which could work in the same network.

So all the devices in the network could locate or find each other, and pair with RF4CE remote control.

Thus wireless signals or data could be exchanged, including all kind of format files like audio, video, etc. While IR remote control could only transmit the infrared signals.

Now, we'll confused how the remote control get paired with these devices?