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Control Your Home Devices by Turning

Them On Or Off From Anywhere.

The dimmer switch/curtain suitable for zero live wire

power-supply realizes the intelligentization of Dimmable

dimmable LED lamps, most energy-saving lamps and all

incandescent lamps through the principle of thyristor

dimming. The dimmer switch can be switched and

dimmed by pressing the button, or it can be connected to

the mobile phone for dimming through the App.


Automate Your Home Appliances by

Setting Customized Schedules.

Schedule the dimmer switch/curtain to automatically switch

on and off according to your daily work and preferences.For

examples, schedule plant growing lamp to turn on in the af

ternoon to give plant energy, and make them grow healthily

Zigbee Mesh Function, Support Routing

And Longer Distance.

Now your switch is the network. Each switch works as a repeater to expand and strengthen your Hub’s Zigbee signal, so your network goes further. Bigger, stronger networks help keep your other devices connected.


Adjust Brightness as You Like

Reasonable ambient lighting can be set for any occasion: you

can set the brightness of the scene when you are having

dinner with your family, watching a movie, or reading a book.

Even if the power is off, the switch can remember the brightness setting of the light, providing convenience for your life.

Zigbee Group Function

One of the most powerful ways to use your dimmer

switch/curtain and other devices that support the group the function is to group them together using the "Groups" function. Grouping your dimmer switch/curtain allows them to react intelligently to events that happen on your property. You can also turn on and off and control large numbers of Smart switch without having to use them individually.


Remotely Update The Firmware Of

Smart Dimmer With OTA Function

If you need to upgrade the program or let your dimmer switch/curtain add our new functions, you don’t need to do anything, we can upgrade it remotely.

Open API, Easy Connect to Third-party


Open the zigbee2mqtt protocol, you can dock your smart dimmer switch/curtain  to the smart platform you want to dock, such as control4, HomeKit, GoogleHome, Amazon echo

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