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2.4G RF Universal Remote Control For All Devices

Universal Remote Control for Devices like Android TV, TV box, projector, DVD player -Dusun
2.4G RF Universal Remote For All Devices -Dusun

Item ID: DSR-0427

Special Features of the RF Universal Remote Control

AIR FLY MOUSE: With 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor, it’s more convenient to operate in the horizontal and vertical mode for motion gestures, including operations such as games and typing allows remote to be controlled accurately for motion sensing game.

Remote Locator: Simply push a button on the devices and the remote will beep and blink to help you find it.

Auto Sleep And Wake Up: When the remote control for 15 seconds without any operation, the remote control into sleep mode, blue light is off(Save Power). After the remote control entering hibernation, press any key to wake up the remote control to enter the normal working condition.

High CompatibilityExcept for TVs, it could be applied to PC,  projectors. Enables to deliver more compelling lectures and presentations.

universal projector remote control - Dusun

Work With Any Projectors 

Make Your 

Lectures More Compelling

The applicaton of universal projector remote - Dusun

General Features of the Universal Remote Control

Protocol: 2.4G

Keys: 14

Keypad Type: ABS plastic

Power Supply: 2*AAA

Operating Voltage: 2.2~3.6V

Working frequency: 2.40GHz~2.48GHz

Transmission distance: 20~30ft(touch / voice)30~50ft(Key)

Standby current: ≤50uA



Universal remote control for multiple devices

Such as:


Smart TV/Television

Android TV Box

DVD Player / DVR / Music System

LED/LCD TV. HD-Set Top Box


/Hold Comfortable/
/Easy to Use/

About Us

Dusun designs and manufactures wireless remote controls that used for pay TV, PC/OTT, home automation, automobile, consumer electronics, IOT and so on. As a world-leading remotes manufacturer based in China, we experienced in the remote industry for more than 16 years.  Dusun uses latest technologies like BLE, RF4CE, 2.4G, and IR, to give ultimate reliability in a variety range of applications for both IR and RF remotes. And we have more remote options to meet customer's need, multi-functions like single-way voice and dual-way voice control, air mouse control, touch and motion control; unique appearance features like backlit keys, LCD display, directional keypad, special buttons, etc. 


Along with in-house engineering, design team, and sample prototyping capabilities, you can rely on us the whole process, from the concept right through to the realization, until finally launch your products. Our creativity and flexibility in design and manufacturing wireless remote controls benefit customers a lot. Learn More


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