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  • What's your MOQ? Do I have to order under MOQ?
    Minimum quantity is generally around 1000-3000pcs, while it could be negotiable based on concrete order. More details, please contact with our sales at
  • What's your typical lead time?
    The lead time for manufacturing is around 5-8 week,while it could be negotiable based on your requirement.
  • Can I sign MNDA for information protection?
    Sure,It is a trust beginning between our new relationship. Please send us your MNDA document for negotiation. If everyting is well confirmed,It is OK for both of us to sign and stamp and let the case go into deep cooperation.
  • Shall we place a sample order first? Can we get free sample?
    Sample order is welcome. Paid sample is our generally operation method.
  • Do we have to pay for mould?
    New mould fee is needed,while also, it could be refund when it reaches target quantity.
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