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The 1838 integrated infrared receiver is our most commonly used infrared receiver. It is widely used in televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, TV set-top boxes and other appliances that require infrared remote control . Of course, all the MCU development boards with infrared remote control function also have the same feature. Let's study how to decode infrared remote control through this LPC1114 development PCB board.

The Best I/O Scanner Solutions for Remote control

When designing a custom remote control product, we often use more buttons. But the I/O resources are tight, one or two I/O ports will be available if we save those ports in other modules. Unfortunately, it is still not enough. One more IC will be added to scan the keys. Although each IC is not expensive, it is a huge expense for remote control manufacturers who produce in large quantities and have low profit margins, like DUSUN. 


So, is there a better way to scan the keys? For example, with the fewest I/O ports, sweeping the most keys? The answer is yes. How many keys can be scanned if there are 5 I/O ports? Please see the following options, which is fully practiced by China leading remote control designer and manufacturer  DUSUN.


Option 1: Matrix Scan


The schematic design drawing of matrix scan method as shown in picture 1. Total 5 input/output ports, 3 of them are used for row scan and 2 I/O for column detection. Specifically, the row line is used to output the scan key code, and the column line will detect whether there is a key query method to scan it.

How to Make Remote Control Circuit

The radio waves are transverse waves, which proved by lots of practices. That means the directions of the electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the waves. Moreover, the direction of the electric field strength and the magnetic field strength are always perpendicular to each other. When radio waves propagate in space, they must be affected by the atmosphere, especially the ionosphere. The main influence of the ionosphere on radio waves is that the electric wave is refracted and the energy is absorbed and attenuated. The greater the degree of ionization, the greater the attenuation; the longer the wavelength, the greater the attenuation.

Voice Commands for Bluetooth Low Energy Remote Controls

At first, machines, for example, TVs, set-top boxes and aeration and cooling systems just required a modest bunch of controls. An on/off switch, a couple of determination catches and two arrangements of increment/diminish controls were, much of the time, enough to completely control your gadget.


In any case, as the quantity of highlights that gadgets bolster builds, so does the quantity of charges and arrangement choices the client approaches. However, the client still needs to oversee them all with a solitary remote control. To address this, engineers started fusing more intricate (UIs). Various leveled menus showed up on the TV screen, while an ever increasing number of catches populated the remote control to enable clients to conjure andexplore those menus.

Top 3 Emerging Trends Impacting the Global Remotes Market

The expanded outline advancements and improvement of mechanically propelled remotes by the merchants will fuel the shipments of remotes in the coming years. For example, Logitech Harmony contact all inclusive remotes are contact empowered remotes that convey an improved client encounter. Moreover, the utilization of various correspondence advances (ZigBee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi) in remotes is required to build the shipments of remotes amid the gauge time frame. The shipments are relied upon to increment because of mechanical advances in remotes, for example, voice control remotes and contact empowered remotes.

Global Remote Market 2016-2020

Technavio's examination expert predicts the worldwide remote market to develop at a CAGR of around 3% by volume, amid the figure time frame. The expansion in offers of savvy TVs is the essential development driver for this market. The rising deals have decidedly affected the secondary selling deals fragment as the lifecycle of these remotes are shorter than the remotes accessible with the buy of buyer electronic gadgets. In addition, various merchants are likewise giving touch screen and movement control remotes in their shrewd TV bundle.

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