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Smart IR Blaster

DSR-0778 is a compact and intelligent infrared remote control that can be compatible with most TVs, air conditioners, set-top boxes and fans in the home. It can be intelligently controlled through the mobile app interface, avoiding the embarrassment of not finding the remote control. At the same time, it also supports intelligent speaker control for voice control(Amazon ,Google).


View our smart IR blaster as below:

Smart IR Blaster


Item ID: DSR-0778

Remote Control Solutions Detail


Intelligent Schedule: Smart IR could create multiple schedules to· turn on/off your electronic sets

Learning Function (DIY) : Control all sets which use Infrared signal;

One key configuration within Wi-Fi coverage area;

Double local area network and internet communication protection;



Remote control design already made? Simply send us your CAD module or engineer drawing.

Or need to clone as the existing remote with some features or functions changed? Send us the remote sample in your hands. And let us know what features or functions need to be modified.

I only got an idea in mind. No problem at all, let us know all your ideas. We'll work with you from the ground up. But some must elements would be required, such as custom remote shape, quantity, color, branding decorating, bottom case or cover, how the buttons or keys need to be mapped and painted. Moreover, what function need to be realized.

Just regard us as your own professional design team! Our experts will consult with you for some apparent issues and iron all them out, you can rely on us the whole process,  from mechanical design, hardware design to internal ME design and ID design. Check our R&D capabilities here.


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