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Our Workshop

Committed to Excellence

Our skilled workshop team holds themselves to the highest standards, not because we say so, but because we care. Challenging ourselves each and every day, we strive to make the pieces with perfect quality. Every single item that leaves our workshop goes through a rigorous system of quality-control checks to ensure they have exceeded our high standards of perfection.

PCBA of Remote Controls - Dusun

Make Every Piece Great

The PCB boards are not only the integral part of the components but also our rigorous pursuit of the production process, which carries the promise to the customer, delivering Dusun’s pursuit of quality.


We use only the finest, most high-quality materials available, working closely with responsible vendors. All the parts sourced from the leading authorized distributors of electronic components or customer recommended channels. 

Attention to Detail

Total quality management is a journey, not a destination. Strict quality control executed on every step during the whole production process to guarantee the quality of the products. Moreover, we believe that all inspectors can do a great job, and should be provided with good equipments.
Every button on the remote control is put with countless of hours of dedication.

 Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Strict QC Stanard - Dusun
Assembly of Remote controls - Dusun

Make the Right Way


A small screw combines each part into a complete remote control. It is like Dusun using a remote control to bring a brand new technology experience to each family.


From raw materials to finished goods, every element in products are vital and we make each part seriously and to the highest standard. Always try to bring customers what far beyond their expectations. 



Pursuit of Perfection


Each and every remote device that leaves our workshop goes through a rigorous system of quality-control checks to ensure they exceed our high standards of perfection. Dusun brings customers not only products but also our culture and intentions. Trust that all the remote items produced by us can withstand the test of time.

QC of Final Remotes - Dusun
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