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CUSTOM Remote Control

Custom Remotes For Any Device and Function

Dusun offers a wide range of remote control for custom development and manufacture of different with a range of capabilities to universally learn any command from any device, including Televisions, set up boxes, DVD players, speaker systems, medical devices, and so on.

16+ Years Focus On | 

100+ Engineers For Services  |

Delivery Worldwide 

Custom Remote Functions

  • Voice Search/Command

  • Touch Control

  • Gesture

  • Pointing

  • Find Me

  • Universal Learning

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Custom Remote Frequencies

Radio Frequency/RF :  Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, Zigbee(RF4CE), 433MHz, Any Custom Range...

Infrared/IR : 455KHz, 36KHz - 56 KHz, Any Custom Range...

Custom Remote Control with Tochpad - Dusun


Customize Remote Control with Qwerty keybard - Dusn

Qwerty keyboard

Custom Remote Options

  • Custom Key Mapping

  • Backlit Keys

  • Touchpad

  • Qwerty Keyboard

  • Directional Keypad

  • LCD Displays

  • USB Receiver Dongles

Customized Remote Control wih directional keypad - Dusun
Dongles For Remote Control.pnge

USB Receiver Dongles



Custom Remote Control with Backlight keys - Dusun

Backlit Keys

Customize Remote Control with LCD display - Dusun

LCD Display

Industries We Served

  • SMART HOME - TV/Stereo equipment

  • Automotive - DVD players

  • Consumer Electronics compatibility

Remote Control for TV Industries - Dusun.jpg


Smart TV

View Products>>

Remote Control for Projectors - Dusun


Remote control for Setup boxes - Dusun

TV Boxes

Set up Boxes

Controllers for VR - Dusun

VR Headsets

  • Hospitals - Medical Facilities 

  • Hospitality- Hotels, Cruise Ships

  • Government Facilities

Remote Control for DVD players - Dusun

BD/DVD Players

CD/LD Players

Gamepad - Dusun


Remote Control for Speake System Smart Home - Dusun

Speaker System

Smart Home

Remote Control for Toys - Dusun

Children's Toys

Adult's Toys

Products Examples We Developed and Manufactured

Smart Remote Control for Televisions and Smart TV

Customized Voice Remote Control manufactured - Dusun
Custom Air Mose Remot Conrol - Dusun
Customized Dual-way Voice Remote Control - Dusun

Remote Control for Children's Toys & Adult's Toys

Custom Remote Control For Children's Toys - Dusun
Customized Remote Control for Adult's Sex Toys - Dusun

Remote Control For Auto DVD Players

DVD remote control for Auto - Dusun
Remote Control for Automotive DVD Players - Dusun

Gamepad and VR Controller


Our Customers




Remote control design already made? Simply send us your CAD module or engineer drawing.

Or need to clone as the existing remote with some features or functions changed? Send us the remote sample in your hands. And let us know what features or functions need to be modified.

I only got an idea in mind. No problem at all, let us know all of your ideas. We'll work with you from the ground up. But some information   must be provided, such as custom remote shape, quantity, color, branding decorating, bottom case or cover, how the buttons or keys need to be mapped and painted. Moreover, what function need to be realized.

Mutual trust is a must! Our experts will discuss with you about some apparent issues and iron all them out, you can rely us the whole process,  from mechanical design, hardware design to internal ME design and ID design. Check our R&D capabilities here.


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