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The Product Specification of 


The Product Specification of DSR -0750

Product Name: Bluetooth Remote Control

Model Name: DSR-0750

1. Introduction

1.1 Description

DSR-0750 contains 17 function buttons. The plastic shell is used as the outer frame of the product, which improves the appearance and feel of the product. The buttons are designed with metaldome, 2*AAA battery as the power supply. One green LED for status.


Otherwise, DSR-0750 has some special functions, such as voice recognition, etc.

1.2 Application

  • TV

  • Set box

  • Smart projector

  • Smart conference system

  • TV stick

1.3 Product feature

  • Bluetooth key control

  • Bluetooth voice control

  • Universal IR


2. Appearance


3. Product specification

3.1 RF performance



Bluetooth 4.2

  • Main IC: DS090

  • Processor :ARM Cortex-M0

  • Storage:4M embedded flash

  • Transmission frequency: 2.402 - 2.4835GHz

  • TX power:  0dBm

  • Communication rate: 1Mbps

  • RX sensitivity: -95 dBm

3.2 Electronic performance




  • Working voltage: 2.2~3.6VDC

  • Average power consumption:<50uA (keep Bluetooth connected)

                                                        <20uA (sleep mode)

                                                        <2mA(key press)


  • Working distance:  >10 meters (key function)

                                     >6 meters(voice function)

  • Built-in battery : 2*AAA

  • Battery life : ~1 year (Depends on the mode of operation)

  • Antenna: PCB on board

3.3 Basic performance




  • Operation temperature: -10~50°C

  • Operation humidity: 5%~85%

  • Storage temperature: -20~60°C

  • Storage humidity: 5%~90%



4. Basic function

4.1 Pairing and unpairing

  • Press and hold the Menu and Back, and keep for 3 seconds, the green LED start to flash and enter the pairing mode for 30s

  • After paired successfully ,the LED will on for 1s.

4.2 Re-Connect

The remote control does not actively initiate disconnection and maintains a long connection. When there is pairing information and the Bluetooth connection is disconnected, press any key to send a re-connect broadcast.

4.3 Sleep and wake up

When there is no data interaction, the remote control remains connected and enters the dormant state, and the remote control does not actively enter the disconnected state. Press any key to wake up the remote control. If it is still connected, the Bluetooth code value of the corresponding button will be sent; if it has entered the Bluetooth connection disconnected state, it will enter the reconnect state.

5. Advanced function

5.1 Voice control

In the remote control, the main chip capture the voice data through a high-SNR microphone and noise reduction based on built in codec and then transmits it to the host via Bluetooth. The host decompresses the data and performs ASR (voice recognition).


Through this function, users can control TV/STB and other devices with sound.

0675 Pairing and unpairing.png

Remark 1: The advantage of this product is high SNR MIC + internal Codec noise reduction to ensure the quality of voice data, and the correct rate of voice recognition reaches 98% (5 meters)

Remark 2: High-performance speech library SDK can be provided to facilitate some customized needs of customers.


5.2 Universal IR

By cooperating with the far unit device, the infrared device (TV, set-top box, fan, etc.) that needs to be controlled on the far unit device page, after selecting the device brand, the far unit will transmit its corresponding code value to the remote control via Bluetooth ,After the remote control receives the code value, it sends out an IR control signal through its own IR hardware circuit to achieve the function of controlling the infrared device.


If there is an IR database for various devices in the cloud, then various devices can be controlled through the remote control.


Remark 1: The advantage of this product is that the response time is within 1s.

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