Far-field Voice Remote Control Solution

2-MICs array | VAD microphone | Lower Power Design

1~3 meters of free voice control, low power advantages

suitable for battery-powered remote control

BLE 5.0

Low power


Noise reduction


Wakeup words

”Hey Google”

Far-field Voice

Programme Description

Through the mic array and the DSP with noise reduction algorithm, the remote control can be used for voice recognition control at a distance of 1 to 3 meters VAD microphone + wake-up words + low-power Bluetooth, three-layer power consumption control, allowing far-field voice recognition to run on battery-powered devices.

Solution framework

Application Scenarios

A feature that has been introduced to our Android TV remote is the ability to use Google assistant via the remote control. Our ATV remote control has 2 microphones. One for near field and the other for far-field.

① Near Field Mic:

• It is triggered by pressing the mic (           ) button

near the top of the remote.

• When pressed for a short amount of time, the

Google assistant is triggered.

• The green LED will keep on.

② Far Field Mic:

  • It is triggered by the sound around the remote.

  • When you say "hey Google" within 1.5 meters from the remote, google assistant will start.

  • When the remote hears "Hi google", the LED at the top of the remote will flash green.


>90% correct

Wakeup rate

Available wake-up words

"Alexa" "hey Google"

(provide by DSPG)


wake-up words

Compatible with

Google ATV

More than 6 months

battery life