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Devices Aways In Control


Replacement(One for One)

  • Replace the original remote control with all function.

  • The same use method makes the operation more handy.

  • Smart Bluetooth control ,Voice control make life easier.

Product Name

Suitable for

Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen)

Samsung Smart TV

LG Smart TV

LeTV super

Shield TV


replace original remote.jpg

Replacement (one for brand)

remote control.jpg
  • Suitable for the control of all devices of a certain brand.

  • Multi-device control in one, through IR learning.

  • Smart Bluetooth control, Voice control make life easier.

Product Name

Suitable for


Samsung TV

Xiaomi TV/STB


Shield TV




Replacement (one for all devices)

  • Can control 100,000 devices, State-of-the-art technology aims for our remote controls to work 100% on future devices.

  • One remote for all devices in home, make home life comfort.

  • Easy setup though computer or mobile phone.

programmable universal remote.jpg

Customers Feedback

See what our customers have to say about the use experience of Dusun replacement remote control.

From USA, Disappointed that I lost the remote control of my fire TV.


I tried to purchase Dusun’s replacement remote control. It was unexpected and very easy to use. Basically all functions can be used perfectly, and the remote control feels very good.

Mr Stephan

From Canada, I have a Samsung TV at

home, that was bought by my husband. Since the remote control was damaged, I couldn’t find a replacement remote control that could be used.


Until I bought one replacement remote control from Dusun, I found that I can easily use it to control the TV, and unexpectedly discovered that this is not just an ordinary remote control, because I found that I can use it to voice control my TV.

Mrs Jan

From UK, I have a hotel, but what has

been bothering me is that the remote
controls in the rooms are always missing. 
It is very difficult for me to buy a remote control that is the same as the old one. Now this problem is completely solved.

Because of the Dusun one for all devices remote control, I can simply configure the remote control with a computer, and it can be used very well, no matter what TV brand it is.

Mr Johnson

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