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Dual-way Voice and Touch Remote Control Bluetooth

Two-way Voice Input

Press to talk with TV or devices.


Move through menus or guides,

or press to select or deselect the item on the screen.

Item ID: DSR-0624

Special Features

INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS: Bi-directional voice transmission technology, allows audio output and voice input and enables people to interact with smart TV more artificial intelligence.

TOUCH CONTROL: The four-direction navigation pad and Select button have been replaced by a simply clickable trackpad that serves the same purpose.

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: Brief buttons design improves the customer's experience.

General Features

Protocol: Bluetooth 4.2

Keys: 12

Keypad Type: ABS plastic

Power Supply: 2*AAA

Operating Voltage: 2.2~3.6V

Working frequency: 2.40GHz~2.48GHz

Transmission distance: 20~30ft(touch / voice)30~50ft(Key)

Standby current: ≤50uA


LED/LCD TV. HD-Set Top Box
Computer control

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